Managed IT Services

We TechPolygon IT Solution deliver the best proactive monitoring, maintenance, security, and IT support service to maintain your business and increase productivity and peace of mind.

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT services in the lower mainland helped companies get more of their IT investment, increase network reliability, and be secured 24/7. As your technology provider, we provide this all-inclusive package for a fixed, manageable, cost effective monthly fee that includes support for your entire organization.

Our Managed IT services, we enable you to transform quickly so you can offer your ever changing customer a great experience. We integrate it with your existing IT setup to deliver high uptime through the right expert team, process and tools. We are ensuring successful delivery within your organization requirements.

Managed IT Services

Businesses across Philadelphia and New Jersey rely on us for all their IT services and support, We TechPolygon IT Solution deliver the best proactive monitoring, maintenance, security, and IT support service to maintain your business and increase productivity and peace of mind, here’s just a few reasons why they have chosen TechPolygon:

As technology and especially communications technology continue changing at increasingly rapid rates, having excellent IT Support is critical for any business and especially yours. IT Support has changed greatly in recent years and no longer encompasses just providing hardware and software support for your business network and computers. You now need an online presence, a mobile presence, a social media presence and more to communicate effectively and have the maximum reach for your business. TechPolygon IT Support will provide all of that and more.

Mobile Technology

More people all the time are using mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablet devices, to access the internet and find information online. If your business isn’t prepared to embrace mobile technology and changing consumer communications tools, your competitors will. The best IT support will ensure you stay ahead of the competition by adapting to the rapidly changing way in which consumers go online, access information, and shop. When your websites and marketing plans fully embrace mobile technology, you are armed with one of the most powerful marketing tools your business can wield.

Traditional IT Support

While there are many changes coming fast with digital technology and marketing, you still need an IT service that provides traditional hardware and software support. You also need protection against hackers, computer viruses, power outages, and many other external threats to your business computers, files, and network. With an experienced and top-flight IT support team backing your business, any downtime due to hardware, software, hackers or other problems will be kept at a minimum while you can focus on maximizing your business opportunities.

Industry-Proven Methodology

To ensure you and your business benefit from the best available IT support possible, a 427-point, seven-page checklist ensures nothing is missed and your IT support is the best possible. The checklist is the product of years of experience and expertise providing IT solutions and are upgraded regularly to ensure it remains one of the best in the industry. And if even one item doesn’t meet high standards, your system will receive the attention necessary to ensure it clears the checklist and is the best possible system for your business.

Customized IT Service Support

Your IT needs are unique and can’t be served with a cookie-cutter approach that many services providers offer. Instead, you need a customized service that addresses your unique needs and ensures your IT system is the best possible, highly reliable, and exceptionally secure. When industry changes are coming, your service will assess your needs and proactively incorporate any new advancements to keep you ahead of your competitors and running the best program possible.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Support
We help our client’s complete IT support so they don’t have to face any issues while accessing their work. Whether you are small or large business enterprise, your network and IT infrastructure serves as the backbone of your entire business operation with our highly valued service. Our services provide you end to end IT management, solution, support for all main technologies. So you can stay on top of your business with productivity. With every service, you receive a team of high experienced, certified network consultant, engineer, SME, account management specialist, and 24×7 access to our IT help desk services.
Server Management

It is complicated to manage many servers simultaneously to help you manage them properly. The primary goals of an effective server management strategy are to: Minimize and eliminate server downtime, build secure server environments, proactive security patching. Our comprehensive server management service empowers you with an expert team of server administrators who carefully monitor and maintain your server for optimal performance.

Cloud Solutions
Our experts have the best cloud solutions for your business and know how to implement them. The cloud is everywhere today, TechPolygon is here to help your business succeed with industry-leading managed IT services. Our Cloud certified expert professionals can guide you’re towards succeed with best cloud solution. Our Cloud solution services help you to deploy any cloud solution with design, implement, configuration, validation.
Managed Security
We provide the best security to your system and network with us. You will feel safe. We focus on protecting and secure your business through our best managed security service to give you peace of mind that your data is always secure & protected. Our managed security service includes XDR, MDR and security awareness training, Penetration testing, 24×7 monitoring and security started development. For more information, Cyber Security Solutions
Network Management & Monitoring
Managing the network is the most challenging task; however, our experts will handle it significantly less time. Benefits of our network management and monitoring services: Reduce downtime, real time reports, security monitoring, Intelligent remote monitoring, cost saving. We provide network monitoring and management services for various types of networks, servers, database along with improving performance while reducing the capital expenditure. Our network management and monitoring service are designed for on-premises, hybrid and cloud infrastructure.
IT Asset Management
Many people face issues with their assets, so to help them out, we provide IT Asset management services to solve their problems quickly. We believe technology should be business enabler. We deliver next-gen IT solutions that leverage the full power of the latest technologies. Our IT asset management service help you manage complex task of finding, tracking, and managing hardware and software across your IT estate.
IT Maintenance and Patching
If you cannot manage your IT services, then outsource it with us we will handle it. We will work you to repair ad replace faltering technology with security. Managed end point patching is becoming standard for companies to be able to free up time and resources of their in-house IT tea or to ensure their system are kept up to date when there is no in-house IT team.
IT Consulting
We provide our clients IT consultation service as many people don’t know about it and how it works. Our information technology consulting deliver custom IT services covering a variety of business technology strategies. Our team provides strategic guidance on variety of topics, including cloud strategy, IT budget planning, risk management, disaster recovery planning, IT assessment, compliance assistance. We can help you move away from traditional approaches to IT planning and provide the services you need to drive infrastructure of your technology in the right direction.

Why Choose Us?

24/7/365 Monitoring & Expert support

TechPolygon Team is built around proactively supporting and maintaining the health of technology systems, including 24/7 monitoring of your network to catch any abnormalities as soon as they occur.

Improve your Cybersecurity defenses

Cybersecurity is a serious and critical for businesses of sizes. With our cybersecurity expert team have tailored services to help your businesses realize cybersecurity peace of mind. This are tasks keep your organization safe; security management of all network devices, proactive patching and updating security loopholes, efficiently delivering the latest threat intelligence. 24/7 network security monitoring provided by SOC team.

Reliable response services

TechPolygon will provide you’re with efficient response times and smart solutions to any technical errors you may encounter. Our NOC/SOC team always available to help you with your any issue support, they can assist you in diagnosing and correcting any issue and concerns.

Reduce & Control Costs

You can manage your IT costs according your requirement with lower cost of the market. Only pay for what you need, whether that be increasing or decreasing staff and project work. Managed IT services help you offset the small investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on IT support.