Network Implementation support

Network Implementation support

Here at TechPolygon, we aim to provide you with high-quality network services that stand up to your business needs and monitor the behavior of your network services to enhance their availability while protecting its employees.

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TechPolygon IT Solution aims to provide you with high-quality network services that stand up to your business needs and monitor the behavior of your network services to enhance their availability while protecting its employees.

Our IT professionals architect know how to streamline inter-company networking and increase productivity by optimizing connectivity and permissions. We have an expert team which carries out network implementation service effectively and efficiently as they have many years of experience to handle the same. The following are some of the services which we provide.

Routing and switching

We provide routing and switching services as we know how necessary routing is in today’s world, so to help our clients with security. We provide complete routing and switching services with technical support. We have built designed and configured wide networks. Our Network Expert team have received an expert certification for it: Cisco certified Professional Certifications and Cisco certified Internetwork Expert level and many more. Here are some of the services we provide:
1. Network Design and implementation
2. On site network devices deployment solution
3. Layer 2 and Layer 3 services
4. Network technology vendor integration (Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Checkpoint etc.)

Security appliances and firewalls implementation

Security is the most critical factor in terms of network, and our expert knows how to deal with security properly. There are many different type of devices and mechanisms within the security environment to provide layered defense. Many organization has always high concern about network security layer issue and security appliances implementation issue. Our Network expert team will help you to understanding about firewall architecture with Intrusion detection system mechanism (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention system mechanism (IPS) and also help you to deploy Next-Gen firewall in your organization.

WAN optimization

We provide the WAN optimization service to help our clients expand the network throughout the vast area. Our WAN optimization service help you to find out how WAN optimization solutions help organization get the most out of their networks and cloud applications. Many organization has issues in network bandwidth, network performance issue, application data quality issue. Our Network expert team help your organization to deploy best WAN optimization solution along with work WAN technologies companies.

On-site network services support

Many times, our clients face network issues, so we provide on-site network support, which will help clients to get their problems resolved quickly. Our team of professionals monitor your entire network to ensure everything is good, updated and properly functioned and our onsite team will manage all network activity within your organization. Our network onsite team will also act as a single point of contact to resolve all of your vendor onsite activity support. Our network support team are available 24/7 to meet your emergency onsite requirements. Rapid response services can be delivered with your structured services plan with SLAs.

Internet Protocol security (IPsec)

IP of the system is used to hack and steal personal, so it is essential to have the best protection. Our experts know how to deal with these issues and to improve its security.


When it comes to website security, SSL plays an essential role that. Therefore, we offer an SSL VPN service, too, as our clients don't have to go anywhere to search for assistance.

Wireless services

In this world, everyone is moving towards wireless services. We have a wide range of wireless services that will help you to cope up with the world. TechPolygon team will deploy and implement next-gen integrated network that enables secure your wired and wireless networks. Our wireless services increase employees’ productivity while reducing expenses and keeping organization application secure, available and operational. Our team will determine wireless design implementation, with deployment VoIP, configuration of internet, many location internet connectivity.

Network Consultation

We provide our clients network consultation service as many people don’t expert about Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Palo alto and how it works. Our expert will help you with the same. Our network consulting service our tailored to deliver a high optimize network performance while allowing for growth and technological advances. Our networking consultant provide you best network design, installation support, deployment, troubleshooting. Network analysis and planning.

Why Choose Us?


Creating secure network infrastructure minimize downtime and ensure that productivity remains as consistent as possible with stable network.

Maximized Performance

When your network is performance its best with less downtime and high network performance.

Enhanced Security

Our network expert team can ensure the security of the entire network so that all business applications and critical data are kept safe and secure.

Improved Quality of Service (QOS)

Benefits from better voice quality, more efficient call routing and improved network management with built quality of service that comes with network implementation service.

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Do you have an interesting Project?
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